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About Royal Realty

About Royal Realty

Royal Realty is a locally owned and operated company that started in 2009. It was created to service all residential real estate parts so that we can take care of our clients no matter what the situation. With our multi-dimensional real estate services, we are able to help tenants purchase their dream home, homeowners sell their property and investors assess the value of short-term and long-term rentals.

Royal Realty has 11 realtor associates and 2 licensed brokers in their team. They are growing each month as they offer online real estate license classes (link), helping those who have a passion for real estate. Joining this company is being part of a secret elite club exclusive only to those who are exceptionally enthused about the future. Not only are the agents enthusiastic of their upcoming but the opportunities for others as well.

Looking over their Social media and Yelp reviews, their clients are pleased. According to the reviews, both tenants and owners are delighted with Royal Realty.

“She NEVER made me feel like "just another tenant", but more like a family member that needed her immediate attention. It is rare to find such a GEM in the world of Property Management these days” – Juliana B, a review from a tenant about agent Jacqueline little.

“Did I get lucky when looking for a property manager or what! She's managed my property for almost 4 years with the utmost professionalism! She's the best!!! Keeps me well informed and is always there when I need her. Top class!” – Kevin S, a review from an owner about Frances Sagun.

People may perceive Royal Realty as a property management company, however, they offer many services. Along with Property Management services they offer Listing Services, Buying services, short-term rental management and vacant management. In the past six months, Royal Realty has helped seventeen client’s sale of their property. With only positive reviews and a reputation in the community, clients are calling daily.


The office is located at 10 Marin lane, Door entrance is under the green canopy numbered ten.

In the next few weeks, Royal Realty will be introducing their agents on social media. Get to know what special skill each agent has to offer.

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