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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness

As you know, Hurricane season is upon us once again. It runs from June 1 -November 30 each year in the state of Hawaii. Here are some things you can do to prepare and protect your family and your property.

Protect your family:
• Have prescriptions on hand for your family members in case of emergency, at least 30 days worth.
• Have flashlights, am/FM radio and lanterns ready, along with extra batteries.
• Have a way to store water in your home, enough for 30 days.
• Have some type of emergency non-perishable food, enough for 30 days. Like canned goods, jerky, or other preserves.
• Have a first aid kit on hand for emergencies, include items like burn gel, tourniquets, and a suture kit.
• Have extra blankets, clothes and dry goods to carry with you.
• Make sure your vehicle is fueled up.
• Make an escape route or plan and make sure all your family members know where to go and what to do.

Note: Many people pack what is called a “bug out” bag to carry all of these emergency items easily.

Protect your property:

• Have your roof and rain gutters checked regularly for loose shingles and other debris.
• Keep trees trimmed and cared for properly.
• Make sure all locks on your doors and gates function correctly.
• Keep your yard free and clear of unnecessary items, so they do not become projectiles in a hurricane.
• Gather supplies, such as cardboard, plywood, and tape to secure windows and protect your family from flying dangers.
• Find the most centered, most reliable place in your home to secure your family in, if needed.

Final Note: Stay calm, stay together, and check radio for emergency instructions to shelters and other safe zones.

By, Kris Masaki