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Is Real Estate for you?

Is Real Estate for you? Are you looking into becoming an agent? Have you been thinking about it? Here are a few lifestyles to be aware of as an agent most people don’t mention.

Answer these questions to see if being a real estate agent is for you.

Section A

Do you enjoy having a set schedule?

Do you enjoy a steady income?

Do you enjoy seeing the same faces every day?

Do you enjoy working set hours?

Section B

Do you enjoy doing something different every day?

Are you good at managing your finances?

Do you enjoy meeting new people every day?

Are you comfortable when things don’t go according to plan?

If you answered yes to section A and no to section B, maybe real estate isn’t for you.

If you answered yes to section B and no to section A maybe real estate is for you.

As an agent, every day is different! If you are adventurous, this may intrigue you. I like the routine. It’s been an adjustment for me.

As an agent, you’ll have to manage your finances. One month you’ll make x amount of money and the next, NOTHING! You’ll have to learn how to save, prepare, and manage.

As an agent, you’ll meet new people every day. (One thing I truly enjoy in this filed) If you are good at making friends, personable, and enjoy simple conversations, you’ll enjoy being an agent.

As an agent, you’ll have to flexible and know how to manage a crisis. Things do not go according to plan…EVER… if you are a type to wallow in stress other then moving forward with a solution, this is not the career for you.

Hopefully, I brought you some insight.

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Jennifer peele