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Makiki Valley Loop Trail - Royal Realty LLC

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Makiki Valley Loop Trail

Enjoying Hawaii Yet? Looking for kid-friendly hikes? Lookout for my other blog posts Manoa Falls and lighthouse trail.

I’m at it again! Did another hike with the kids for a day away from showings and work.

Makiki Valley Loop Trail
Three Words! Misleading, Long, Misquotes

First of all, I had a hard time finding the beginning of this trail! Everywhere online it’s posted “Hawaiʻi Nature Center, 2131 Makiki Heights Drive”. GPS wasn’t very helpful. Eventually, after driving back and forth, I turned left into a small driveway off Makiki Heights Drive where there were three mailboxes. It looked like private property but after a few misdirects, I followed my gut.

Secondly, everywhere online, it’s posted as an “easy hike” and “kid friendly.” Very misleading! I ended up hiking this trail with a friend and her two kids along with my 18-month-old and 7-year-old. This hike is NOT toddler-friendly. Much too long and too hard! The incline was high; there was a few edges, muddy spots, misquotes, and long. 2.5 miles with kids and a toddler took half the day. I basically carried my little one the whole time without a carrier. #mommyguns
Hard to believe, but I did enjoy myself. Simply had different expectations.
The hike was beautiful, physically challenging, and the older kids had a blast. They were exploring their surroundings and enjoying nature.

Want to hike this trail again but without my toddler.

Level of difficulty
My opinion, Moderate. Not easy, not difficult, not hard….. but moderate. It’s elevated, long, and confusing. It feels long because you end up doubting yourself during the trail. Wondering if you are on the right path. Take a picture of the map posted in the begging of the trail and follow the signs for Makiki Loop Trail.

What to bring
Misquote spray, sunblock, good hiking shoes, and possibly a printed map of the trail? You won’t have an internet connection on the trail.

How to get there
“Hawaiʻi Nature Center, 2131 Makiki Heights Drive” * Laughing *
Got good directions? Feel free to comment below!