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Who is Royal Realty? - Royal Realty LLC

Royal Realty LLC


Who is Royal Realty?


Royal Realty is family. We started our company 8 years ago in downtown Honolulu and have remained there ever since.

In the beginning we started with long term property management, home sales and purchases. We have recently added short term vacation property management to our repertoire to enable us to be the full service agency you know and love.

Initially our representatives were Jaqueline Little, Frances Sagun, and Monica Cooper. With a steady growth we have added more family members to our team to now include Bryon Gibbens, Kris Masaki, Sean Ortiz, Valerie Sumner and Cassidy Acord. Every member of our ohana knows the importance and awesome responsibility in every job we take on. We strive to treat people with the aloha we expect from a local business.

If we are selling your home we understand the love you have for it and will strive to make sure you get the best price you can. If you are looking for your dream house we will make the process easy and simple, clearing away the fear and complexity that can come along with this endeavor. If we manage your property we will represent you with the upmost dignity and ensure that your property stays marketable and profitable for you for many years to come.

Talk to us and find out why at Royal Realty service is KING!