Royal Realty LLC


As a real estate company, we deal with many maintenance issues. Having reliable vendors as our extended Royal Realty family is highly important in our field.

Here is a list of our vendors who have become our family, and whom we highly recommend.

Handy Andy Hawaii is highly recommended, as they have excellent ratings and reviews on both Facebook and Yelp. They are able to deal with anything from minor fix-it problems, to full kitchen renovations and remodels. Handy Andy has been our extended family for over a year now and continues to consistently exceed our expectations.

By far the most stressful situation for us as Realtors are plumbing issues/emergencies, and Plumbing Works is always to our rescue. Capable...

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About Royal Realty

Royal Realty is a locally owned and operated company that started in 2009. It was created to service all residential real estate parts so that we can take care of our clients no matter what the situation. With our multi-dimensional real estate services, we are able to help tenants purchase their dream home, homeowners sell their property and investors assess the value of short-term and long-term rentals.

Royal Realty has 11 realtor associates and 2 licensed brokers in their team. They are growing each month as they offer online real estate license classes (link), helping those who have a passion for real estate. Joining this company is being part of a secret elite club exclusive only to those who are exceptionally enthus...

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4 Benefits of using window A/C units to cool your home

While the climate in Hawaii is fairly mild year-round, there are many days you want cool relief from the tropical temperatures. For those times, you can install window units to regulate the temperature in each room. Below are a few reasons these units continue to be so popular.

1. Low Cost
If you want air conditioning, window units are probably your least expensive option. Because you’re only buying a small unit, you don’t have to put in any ductwork, which results in a drastically lower cost.

2. Easy to InstallAs the name implies, this type of air conditioner is installed in a window, which means you can skip the cost of professional installation. Each window unit comes with...

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Enjoying Hawaii Yet? Looking for kid-friendly hikes? Lookout for my other blog posts Manoa Falls and lighthouse trail.

I’m at it again! Did another hike with the kids for a day away from showings and work.

Makiki Valley Loop Trail
Three Words! Misleading, Long, Misquotes

First of all, I had a hard time finding the beginning of this trail! Everywhere online it’s posted “Hawaiʻi Nature Center, 2131 Makiki Heights Drive”. GPS wasn’t very helpful. Eventually, after driving back and forth, I turned left into a small driveway off Makiki Heights Drive where there were three mailboxes. It looked like private property but after a few misdirects, I followed my gut.

Secondly, everywhere online, it’s posted as an &ldqu...

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Hurricane Preparedness

As you know, Hurricane season is upon us once again. It runs from June 1 -November 30 each year in the state of Hawaii. Here are some things you can do to prepare and protect your family and your property.

Protect your family:• Have prescriptions on hand for your family members in case of emergency, at least 30 days worth.• Have flashlights, am/FM radio and lanterns ready, along with extra batteries.• Have a way to store water in your home, enough for 30 days.• Have some type of emergency non-perishable food, enough for 30 days. Like canned goods, jerky, or other preserves.• Have a first aid kit on hand for emergencies, include items like burn gel, tourniquets, and a suture kit.• Have ex...

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Is Real Estate for you? Are you looking into becoming an agent? Have you been thinking about it? Here are a few lifestyles to be aware of as an agent most people don’t mention.

Answer these questions to see if being a real estate agent is for you.

Section A

Do you enjoy having a set schedule?

Do you enjoy a steady income?

Do you enjoy seeing the same faces every day?

Do you enjoy working set hours?

Section B

Do you enjoy doing something different every day?

Are you good at managing your finances?

Do you enjoy meeting new people every day?

Are you comfortable when things don’t go according to plan?

If you answered yes to section A and no to section B, maybe real estate isn’t for you.

If you answered yes to section B and no to se...

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Rental Insurance for Tenants

Picture your belongings, if something happened to your laptop, your flat screen tv or your clothing and furniture, could you afford to go out and replace the lost items? After all, your belongings are not just things, but part of you, tools you use daily and need access to.

What does your landlord’s policy cover?
Typically, the landlord’s policy covers the building or unit in which you live. It does not cover your personal belongings. For that, you need a renters insurance policy.

What are the basic coverages offered?

There are two types of basic coverages offered.Property: This helps to protect your personal belongings at home or away.Liability: To protect you financially against costly claims and pos...

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